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ΑUTO-LEADER 3000 Profit

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ΑUTO-LEADER 3000 Profit

Included in our selling price:
 1 x Electronic control board in a Rittal standalone steel enclosure, 600 Χ 1800 Χ 400 mm (w X h X d) with one door and additional base/ plinth 100mm height. Incorporates:
 One Central Processing Unit (19” rack mount module made by PROTEM).
 One Analogue Processing Unit (19” rack mount module made by PROTEM) with 4 electronic scales 21-bit A/D.
 One UPS system (19” rack mount module made by PROTEM) in case of power failure to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the automation.
 One Schneider PLC with all the necessary I/O cards which communicates with the C.P.U.
 the console. Standard setup with 48 outputs and 48 inputs. All PLC’s outputs are driven through additional external 16A relay cards with led indicator and cable terminals. All PLC’s inputs are isolated through external input cards with led indicators and cable terminals.
 One power meter/energy analyzer for measuring mixer’s consumption and concrete slump.
 1 X Automatic – manual control console 530 x 300 X
400 mm (w x h x D), with a membrane keyboard, schematic layout of the plant with LED function
indicators and 2 LCD information displays. The production process (auto-manual) is executed through the console, which can be placed at any distance from the electronic control board.
 1 x Batch report printer with fiber optic port
 1 x Operation Manual
 1 x Folder with electrical connection diagrams
 System Language: English
 CE declaration of conformity

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