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Right after the payroll, the maintenance and the fuels are usually the greatest operational expenses in companies and organizations with vehicle fleets. These cost categories are provided for the implementation of advanced solutions that have direct benefits, such as saving resources and improving the productivity. The solutions of Coencorp – PROTEM provide these benefits by intelligently applying the most economically efficient electronics and information technologies.
We offer turn-key solutions for all the problems you are facing concerning the safe refueling and the preventive maintenance of your vehicles and machinery

Application Sectors

What can Fuel Zone do for you?
• Increase accountability by reconciling fuel inventories, from deliveries to depots, to distribution to field equipment
• Drastically reduce labor by providing 24/7 unattended secure access to fuel
• Eliminate fraud and errors by physically guaranteeing that fuel is dispensed to authorized vehicles only
• Eliminate spillage by cutting off the flow of fuel whenever nozzle is removed from authorized vehicle
• Satisfy environmental agencies regulations by automatically recording and reconciling fuel consumption to inventories
• Enhance safety by immediate notification of storage tanks leaks
• Increase efficiency by automating fuel distribution and inventory, vehicle data, and access control processes through a single, web-enabled software

• Centralized management of fuel distribution, fuel inventories, vehicle data, and site access control across multiple sites through a high end, flexible, and user-friendly web application
• Automatic inventory management, transparently recording all data needed for fuel inventory reconciliation including storage tank levels, product deliveries and pump totalizers: no human action required!
• Immediate notification of storage tank leaks and critical fuel levels
• Truly plug-and-play Vehicle Data Units, requiring no programming or configuration
• Maintenance free passive nozzle tags requiring no battery, no hose cable, and no messy pump retrofit
• Vehicle identification using rugged, weatherproof passive RFID tags that can be read through mud and dirt.
• Automatic capture of complete vehicular information:
- Vehicle ID
- Total mileage
- Total engine hours
- Trip mileage
- Trip engine hours
- Trip engine idling time
- Engine fault codes
- Your custom data

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