Alexandria, Egypt


Storage Silos

Storage Silos

here are different types of silo available, with a capacity ranging from 20m3 to 2.500m3. Mainly used are the paneled silos which are assembled with screws on site while telescopic and monolithic silos are also available.

Following accessories are available for all silo:
• Access ladders with or without intermediate rest platforms
• Safety rails on the roof
• Connection gangways between silos
• Double discharge cones
• Outflow butterfly valves (manually or pneumatic operation)
• Fluidization system for the outflowed materials
• Unloading screw conveyors
• Vertical screw conveyors for feeding the silo with cement from the sacks or Big Bags
• Pressure relief Valves
• Dedusting filters
• Minimum and maximum level indicators
• Filters management and loading automations
• Weighing systems

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