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SiloRe@der bolt-on weighing kit for one (1) silo

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SiloRe@der bolt-on weighing kit for one (1) silo

SiloRe@der informs you about the quantity inside your silo. It measures the actual weight of the silo and its contents in Kg without requiring the placement of the silo on load cells.
SiloRe@der can be successfully installed to almost any silo supported by legs. Silo contents can be: cement, sand, aggregates, flour, grain like corn, rice, wheat, barley, oats, minerals, coal, chemicals, plastics, liquids or liquefied gases.
The kit consists of:
- 4 load cell-based technology sensors
- 1 CTZ-52 digital indicator (panel mount)
- 1 Junction Box with connectors and trimmers
CTZ-52 has 5 programmable outputs and 2 inputs, to connect external upper-lower level lights, warning siren to alert drivers of silo overfilling, or pinch valve at the filling pipe (it turns off the valve, prohibiting further refilling of the silo).
Built in RS232/RS485 Modbus communication, allows easy connection to a PC or P

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