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Betolink Pro Main Features

Order entry & Daily scheduling
Order entry and daily scheduling are among the most important daily tasks in ready mix companies with Betolink® Pro they are executed electronically, according to legislative requirements and are stored in historical records.

• Customer’s project name and concrete strength class registration according to customer specifications and linking to a specific recipe (mix design). No other recipe can be used for this order.
• Registration of delivery dispatch date and time, total quantity (m3) of the daily order and of the pump used (when needed).
• Every order can be accompanied by notes and instructions making this information accessible to the operators and drivers.
• When an order is entered the system checks if the client has reached his credit limit.

Daily schedule execution
• At the beginning of the day, the daily schedule that includes all necessary
information is displayed at the Betolink® Pro screen that is next to the production automation display at the control room.
• In order to start a load, the operator selects on the daily schedule screen the project, the truck number and the concrete volume of the load and presses the START button. That is all he has to do!
• The production automation is connected on-line to Betolink® Pro and after receiving an order it manages all the batching and loading processes. Once the load is complete the daily schedule is updated and the Delivery Note is printed.
• Concrete samples that should be taken for a specific job, is no longer something that the operator has to remember. These requests are attached to the daily schedule.

• Dispatching paperwork (Delivery Notes, Invoices, etc.) may be printed
manually, semi-automatically or automatically.
• Pre-printed forms are not necessary, but can be obtained should you wish so. A laser printer and blank pages are enough.
• Delivery notes and invoices contain all necessary data required by the European Norm EN206-1 including the actual weight of materials used in each batch (batch report).
• Labor cost is minimized as the operator issues all paperwork without any additional workload and he is able to manage 2 or more (up to 4) batching plants at the same time (the usual case in companies with large production volumes).
• In companies with a medium to low production volume, the operator is able to take the concrete samples required by the daily schedule.

Delivery tracking
• Betolink® Pro includes automated procedures for all
common daily issues such as redirecting a truck, changing a quantity, delivery cancellation, returned concrete etc.
• All actions and practices not inline with approved company quality policies are eliminated.
• In companies with an ISO quality system the workload of the quality manager regarding production matters is reduced dramatically. All data are recorded in log files, covering the needs of internal audits.

• Detailed recipe management includes all the information required by the ISO standards and EN-206-1 norm.
• Each recipe version has its own unique id code for traceability purposes. A second code to link the recipe to a third party financial management software according to its parametrization requirements is also available.
• Recipes are also grouped per batching plant, which is necessary for companies with more than one batching plants.
• Version tracking for each recipe, keeping track of all changes (differences are shown), date / time and user that made the changes.
• Automated wizards for performing mass modifications due to season changes (e.g. retarder) to any recipes selected.
• Recipe history directly linked to the produced product and dispatching paperwork (invoice, delivery note). With one click on the records you may trace the recipe used for a particular load along with the weights of the materials batched in the load.
• The recipes registered in Betolink® Pro are automatically downloaded to the automation. The automation also has its own recipe memory and can operate autonomously from Betolink® Pro (ex. when a PC or a network malfunction occurs)

• Actual raw material consumption is recorded by the production automation and uploaded to Betolink® Pro. All additional consumption due to manual interventions or fully manually produced loads is also taken into account. It is also possible to record the amounts wasted.
• Receipt of the raw materials delivery can be registered manually or automatically* the moment the materials enter the plant through the weighbridge.
• Calculation of the actual remaining quantities per material and per storage silo.

• Full and detailed production and dispatching reports.
• Statistic reports of the batching plant’s productivity.
• Specific reports for quickly finding out each material dosing deviation.
• Daily stock material reports based on consumption and receipt. The business administration and storage software is automatically updated.

• For the connection with the SAP software, PROTEM GROUP has developed and delivered an added plug-in software called Betolink® PI, which acts as a connective hoop with the Betolink® ERP suit software.
• The Betolink® PI has been designed by using Java / SQL and supports three types of communication with the SAP:
• Via XML files
• With the use of SOAP Calls via WSDLs.
• Betolink® PI is a flexible platform of communication between two systems and is capable of fully managing and displaying not only the information flowing between the systems but also the possible errors that may occur. The final parameterization is performed by PROTEM’s technicians and in accordance with the client’s specifications.

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